Now I could sit here and type up paragraphs of text, saying how this blog is a means to find myself, and my voice.

Though I would be lying.

Kind of.

*          *          *

I remember one person said that writing is a brilliant form of therapy. Unfortunately I cannot remember their name. Though come to think of it, I am sure many individuals across time have said the same. If you can name any, please share, I always aim to keep an inquisitive mindset open.

How many have said, repeated or altered that phrase I wonder? I’m going to say… 119,294,798 individuals. Why? Meh, lucky guess. If there is one thing my flat mates say over and over and over again, it is three words: I lack logic.

Now this is not a hurtful thing, but more that I will say odd, or I will simply do silly things. My reward for this… a poster sellotaped to the fridge, scribbled with witty and bizarre quotes that I have come out with. Perhaps come the end of the year I will have enough to go on for a small book to be published.

*          *          *

The above paragraphs were the inner thoughts of my brain, at the time of writing this intro out. Now I would say that it is similar to a ‘mini’ test, though I detest tests. I was never a big fan of them, from Primary school to University. So I guess it is brief glimpse into what you can expect.

Anyhow, down to business.

My name is Cameron, I am a third year journalism student (and I guess a freelance journalist), but that is all you will hear from on that front. This not a platform where I talk about my professional life, I already have a website for that.

This is a place where I can hopefully detach myself from the whole ‘professional means’,and simply have a place to write about whatever I can that doesn’t revolve around journalism. I enjoy the work, and what it brings, but it is always nice to distance yourself from the world of work.

In between journalism, I am occupy my free time by writing snail mail, poems, short stories (which is becoming a more frequent hobby of mine), music, films, reading and writing constant lists on the many random subjects of the world. You name it, I have written lists that name the 50 weirdest looking flags to the weirdest sounding names. I know… time is wasted on myself.

To sum up the blog at a basic level, Staggering Through Purgatory is a place for me to unleash the madness in exchange for a mere moment of sanity, clarity and a cheap laugh for when I reflect back on various posts. It is my way to laugh back on such events, to observe what I have or will go through. I mean, christ, I am soon to leave university and before I know it, I will be facing the big bad world head on.

What couldn’t be more exciting than that!

Whether you share, follow, reblog or whatever it is you simply do, I am grateful even if you simply read through a post. The coming months will certainly be an exciting time for me, and of course it will be my enjoyment to share it all, as I journey down the rabbit hole.




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